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Personal Tours Of Niagara
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How To Reach Us:
Your friend in Niagara, Jim Gregson

Phone: 905-382-1773

Fax: 905-382-1774

E-mail: info@personaltoursofniagara.com


Well Planned Tours of Niagara Falls
Step-On Rates:
Tour Description
US $
2 Hr Tour, Niagara Area
3 Hr Tour, Niagara Area
4 Hr Tour, Niagara Area
7 Hr Tour, Niagara Area
7 Hr Tour, Toronto (from Niagara)
Toronto Tour (from Toronto)

Customize Your Group Tour:

We can create a complete program to suit your needs for your Guided Tour of Niagara Falls.

Informed Assistance with Reservations & Arrangements:

  • Hotel/Motel Rooms
  • Group Meals
  • Attractions
  • Touring
  • Shopping

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